About Us

Ventura Farms Animals Rescue is a 501(c)(3) animal rescue and sanctuary set on an incredible 2,000 acres of open fields and grass pastures in Westlake Village, California. Our picturesque location is the perfect place for abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for their forever homes. Along with medical care, our team provides all the love, attention and training that our animals need to recover from their difficult pasts and flourish in their new homes. 

Our Mission

Ventura Farms Animals Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to rescue and rehabilitate homeless, neglected and abused animals and place them into life-long homes. We will provide comprehensive medical care and a safe environment for animals on a temporary and sometimes permanent basis.  We will strive to improve animal welfare through various outlets including education, community outreach, spay and neuter programs and emergency medical services. 


Our Values

We believe that all animals are entitled to be free from suffering and abuse. 


We believe that we have an obligation to alleviate and prevent suffering.


We believe we have an obligation to prevent cruelty.


We believe that we have a duty to care for the suffering, exploited and homeless.


We believe that our behavior and decisions shall set a precedent for others in the care and treatment of animals. 



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